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Dream Powered Inc is a Business Development Boutique, offering collaborative digital services designed to give small business owners, their teams and other fellow entrepreneurs the tools they need to be successful.

We do this do this by leveraging powerful digital tools and official partnerships with industry leaders in website design and development, search engine optimization, digital marketing and bookkeeping.

Our collaborative approach to digital marketing and business development services focuses on the implementation of data driven digital integration & automation solutions for processes, systems, people, places and ideas that power your dreams.



We partner with great companies like Wix and Semrush to build and manage digital assets that are 1) Developed based on SEO and Competitor Research, 2) designed with purpose to meet a Content Strategy, and to 3) Integrate and Automate with new or existing projects and/or business operations. 

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Design Services Include

Design Terminology

Design is vital when it comes to the branding of your company. This will determine your organization's "vibe", style and vision, and should be considered carefully. From the emotions brought up by different colors, to the different styles you can work with, there are so many ways to get creative and explore the limits of your company's design.

Considered the front-end of your site and overall digital assets, the design is the aesthetic you present to the world. It is what everyone will see when they go to your site and it will generate emotions and reactions based on how you choose to represent your company.

Why Does Design Matter?

We base all of our designs on a proprietary design system that leverages the Golden Ratio numbers. This allows us to work within a mathematically determined design aspect ratio that embodies the beauty of the universe.

By choosing to work with Golden Ratio numbers, we ensure our designs are fully responsive on all screen sizes, maintaining integrity as you scale from one screen size to the next.

What is our Design Strategy?

Adhering to a strict design standard, everything we design is done using Golden Ratio numbers. We do this to ensure quality graphics that are proportional on every screen size. Taking a mobile first approach to our design strategy, we make your customer's mobile experience the most important one and work our way up from there. This is different from most companies that choose to take a desktop first design approach.

How do we use Design to add value?